11 Tips You Need to Know When Dating a World Traveler

11 Tips You Need to Know When Dating a World Traveler

So you’re meeting a hot girl for beers, and her online dating profile looks like Nat Geo’s Instagram feed. Or maybe that new guy you’re seeing spent a year in the Gobi desert installing solar panels in yurts. How do you convince your worldly new boo that you should totally buy your next plane ticket together? Here are eleven tried and tested ways to romance a world traveler — or at least not scare them off.

1. Be interested

11 Tips You Need to Know When Dating a World Traveler

Travelers have too many stories to tell and too few people who want to hear them. By listening and being genuinely curious, you’ll definitely stand out.

2. Get (a little) dirty

11 Tips You Need to Know When Dating a World TravelerTravelers love to one-up each other in the gross-out department. So weird as it sounds, laughing about the gory details of her bedbug-infested hostel mattress or his bout with explosive giardia can score you major cool points.

3. Exude mobility

Don’t bitch about your lack of vacation days. Don’t whine about how you spend so many hours in your cubicle, you’re thinking about giving up your apartment. But, if you’ve ever thought of working remotely or changing jobs to have more freedom, definitely say so.

4. Show imagination

plan a trip
Even if you’re not well-traveled yourself, think about a few destinations you’d love to travel to and why. Talking about travel plans can be a great compatibility test. Who knows where the conversation could take you?

5. Speak their language

11 Tips You Need to Know When Dating a World TravelerMastering a foreign language can be quite a point of pride. So if your love interest is multilingual, have them teach you how to order a beer, answer a phone, or proposition someone in their L2.

11 Tips You Need to Know When Dating a World Traveler
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6. Use food to your advantage

11 Tips You Need to Know When Dating a World TravelerIf you know she loved visiting Bangkok, suggest meeting at a Thai restaurant. Better yet, cook her some beef basil stir fry (seriously, it’s so easy). Hey, the more she associates you with Bangkok, the better.

7. Be a master planner

11 Tips You Need to Know When Dating a World TravelerPlanning is a huge pain point for travelers, so flaunt any organizational skills you have. Treat each date like a little trip by researching, reading reviews, and making reservations.

8. Give the right compliments

11 Tips You Need to Know When Dating a World TravelerWorldly types know there’s more to life than a nice ass in designer jeans. Instead of focusing on the superficial, tell her what you like about her intellect, courage, resourcefulness, and character.

9. Ask about Carrefour, a.k.a. the “hypermarket”

It’s like a French version of Costco with locations in 30 countries. It’s usually the best (and cheapest) place in town to buy wine. And weirdly, only about 0.01 percent of the U.S. population has heard of it. Show you’re in that rarified class.

10. Don’t lay the world traveler thing on TOO heavy

11 Tips You Need to Know When Dating a World Traveler

No one likes to be pigeonholed. Even if he spent years treating orphans for ringworm in Swaziland or backpacking to every country on earth, resist the temptation to introduce him as “Traveler Brett.” (And definitely not as “Explosive Giardia Brett.”)

11. Have a (current) passport

11 Tips You Need to Know When Dating a World TravelerOtherwise you might hear the words, “check please.”  On the other hand, If it’s full of impressive stamps, you might just want to bring it along on your first date. Talk about major street cred.

And above all, be yourself

It’s nice to show interest in others’ lives and passions, but it’s also important to shine a little yourself. Authenticity is the foundation of good chemistry. It’s also wildly refreshing when you’re slogging through the cesspool of superficiality that is modern online dating. So talk about the things that really turn you on in life — even if they have squat to do with travel.

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6 thoughts on “11 Tips You Need to Know When Dating a World Traveler”

  1. You’re not kidding about this. Took me FAR too long to find a partner who not only appreciated my love for travel, but was willing to come along on some crazy adventures.

    1. Well I’m glad you finally found someone! If you’ve got tips for the rest of us who are still looking, I for one would love to hear them =)

  2. Thoughts on number 4 – I’ve been to plenty of places and I started dating a guy who had never left the country. I was pretty upfront about my travel-lust so after 6 months we gave it a go. I let him pick the destination so he’d be comfortable. We settled on road tripping New Zealand van life style. Everyone thought we were slightly insane to attempt this after dating for such a short amount of time. Honestly, it was the best decision we made as a couple. We just got back from Nepal and are looking forward to Belieze, India, and Sri Lanka! You never know where you’ll end up with an open mind and a willingness to try!

    1. That’s so awesome. I think it’s totally true that openness to the idea is more important than having this great travel resume. I’ve totally done the opposite — dating another repat whose big travel dream was a week at Sandals. So you just never know.

  3. I traveled through Europe when I was a teenager. I’ve been to Germany, Italy, the leaning tower of pizza, the eifel tower, Amsterdam, Cyprus, Austria, Denmark ext…

  4. That’s so awesome, Kevin! If you have any tips we could benefit from, be sure to share. (And also, let us know when your Outdoors site is up.)

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