Hi, I’m Sarah

dirtbag free spirit
climber of mountains
drinker of IPAs

nice to meet you!

Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the interwebs! Pour yourself a Fat Tire and make yourself at home.

I moved to Colorado in 1999 for a summer job as a backpacking guide and immediately fell in love! (Maybe you know the feeling?) My first plan was to go home to Cleveland, load all of my stuff into my piece-of-shit car, and come right back.

(But then, because life is weird, I ended up moving to Kyrgyzstan for a year.)

I finally made it back in 2002 to go to grad school at Colorado State University. (Go Rammies!) And I’ve been here ever since.

Well … except for the six years I left to work as a school counselor in Shanghai, Jakarta, and Bangkok.

But in 2010 I left education behind to start a freelance writing business. And naturally, I came back to my favorite place on earth, Colo-radical!

When I’m not being a dirtbag, you’ll find me drinking IPAs on patios, eating Thai food, and writing the great American novel.

about the blog

So why start a mountaineering blog? (Besides the fact that it connects me with awesome people?)

Answer: I totally wish there had been a blog like this back when I was getting into mountain climbing. (‘Cause I’m kinda old. The interwebs were really lame then.)

As a result, I did lots of dumb things. I almost got my ass fried by climbing Longs Peak in a thunderstorm. (It’s SO not fun to run down a mountain with your hair standing up.)

Also, I didn’t know about all the kick-ass things you can do outside. Like, I never went snow climbing until I was 38. So sad!

So I started Miss Adventure Pants to help you live your mountain climbing dreams.

(Right now. Without frying.)


You may now be asking yourself: “Why should I listen to some chick on the interwebs?”

Brilliant question. Here’s a little about me and my mountain climbing experience.

Education: M.Ed. in Counseling and Career Development. I can help you set goals, face fears, and kick ass at life. Really. It says so on the diploma!

Member: Colorado Mountain Club, Austrian Alpine Club

Assistant Instructor: Wilderness Trekking, Navigation, Basic Mountaineering, Basic Rock Climbing (all with CMC)

Trip Leader: Colorado Mountain Club

Courses and Certifications: AIARE I, Wilderness First Aid, High-Altitude Mountaineering Certificate

important numbers

28 countries

5 continents

36 fourteeners

753,293 IPAs

keep in touch

Questions? Suggestions? Don’t be shy, boo! Reach out and drop me a line.