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Hi, I’m Sarah Maurer, M.Ed., and I’m a writer, editor, blogger, 90s grunge head, IPA connoisseur, and black coffee addict based in Denver. I started this blog to help restless souls escape the rat race and create unconventional lives filled with ass-kicking, life-changing adventure!

Why I blog

A few years ago, I was in a really abusive work situation. As in threatened, lied to, lied about, and frozen out on a daily basis.

Employees were constantly being set up against one another. Meaningful operations ground to a halt. People (self included) actually resorted to hiding. My most foolproof hiding spot: behind the maintenance shed next to a nest of baby cobras. (This was overseas.)

So why did I stick around and take it? (Because I did. For an entire year.)

I think the answer was fear.

Fear of losing money. Fear of not being able to get another job if I broke my contract. Fear of my family and friends finding out what a loser I was. Fear of facing a future with no job, no home (I lived in company housing), and no plan.

Fast forward a few years …

In 2010, I finally realized my dream of becoming a freelance writer.

Again, there were plenty of good reasons not to do this. Everyone around me assured me that “no one but Stephen King makes money writing” and that I’d end up broke in a van down by the river.


This time, I didn’t listen to their misgivings — or my own. And thank god.

Now I had no boss — evil or otherwise. I set my own hours. I had time to travel and work on my novel.

After my first year of freelancing, I took a two-month trip to Central Asia. I traveled the Pamir Highway. After about a million tries, I succeeded in throwing a rock across the river into Afghanistan. It was the best (and longest) vacation I’d ever had.

The sad thing was, I could have started my own business any time. I could have avoided that entire year of hiding out with the cobras.

Would some of my fears come true? Maybe temporarily. But even if my worst case scenario had come to pass, I’d have figured things out. I’d way underestimated myself.

So TL;DR version: I don’t want you to make my mistake. Don’t let fear hold you back from taking risks, seeing the world, and creating the life you love. Let’s do it together!

Random fun facts

In the spirit of new friendships, here few things you may or may not want to know about your faithful blogger:

  • I’ve been bitten by a vampire bat. It’s a long story.
  • After college, I did a volunteer year in Kyrgyzstan. Yeah, I didn’t know where that was either.
  • When I escape from the word mines, you’ll find me mountaineering, backpacking, snow cave digging, mountain biking, and torturing friends with the GoPro.
  • I’m 100 percent coffee-fueled. No joke. My cells convert caffeine straight to energy.
  • Not sure who owns who, but I live with a super ornery Indonesian cat. He’s probably still pissed I kidnapped him from paradise to the frozen wasteland of Denver.

Your turn! Comment and tell me something funny, touching, or random about you.

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