15 Times When Traveling the World Alone Really Sucks

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When you break a bone, there’s this incredible rush of adrenaline that goes shooting through your bloodstream. I felt it after tripping over a rock in the Dolomites and falling hard on my left wrist. As I lay there writhing on the ground shouting expletives down the valley, I thought, “This is one of those times when solo travel just sucks.”

Travel bloggers, self included, tend to romanticize solo travel. We tell people it’s the key to freedom, that their fears about it are overblown, and that they should just stop being so codependent and go for it.

But all that hype has led to some pretty unrealistic expectations — even in our own minds. Now when I’m doing the solo travel thing, I feel a certain sense of failure if I don’t love every minute of it. And I feel positively mortified when I catch myself thinking, “This would be so much more fun with a boyfriend.”

I don’t mean to discourage anyone from giving solo travel a try, because it can be awesome and totally freeing. But for the sake of sanity, give yourself permission to hate it sometimes, too. Here are 15 moments when I think hatred is entirely justified.

1. You feel like shit

After x-raying my arm and slapping on a cast, the Italian emergency room doctor said to me, “You come back tomorrow for CT scan, yes?” (Apparently in Italy, they don’t do CT scans on the Sabbath.)

“But I’m staying an hour away,” I said. “I came in by ambulance.”


So with my cast not quite dry, I walked a mile to the bus station. I was sort of impressed with myself for figuring all that out with a brain full of adrenaline and opiates. But the hour-and-a-half ride back to my tent was so lonely that I cried for the first time in a year.

In that moment, I was no badass solo traveler. I just wanted my mom.

15 Times When Solo Travel Totally Sucks
Yeah, broke it in Italy

2. There’s romance in the air

Speaking of Italy, it’s totally true what Michael Moore says. Everyone there looks like they just had sex. Which is actually kind of miserable to be around when you’re traveling alone and your relationship back home is in free fall.

During my three weeks in Italy, I couldn’t stop messaging my hopelessly incompatible boyfriend things like, “Someday we’ll come here together and drink coffee on St. Mark’s Square.” I half convinced myself I was being too hard on him.

Then when my flight got canceled, he came THIS CLOSE to standing me up at the airport. With a broken arm and luggage. Hear that noise? That’s the sound of reality crashing down.

15 Times When Solo Travel Totally Sucks
Meh. They cut those off every year.

3. Someone wants your goddamn seat

It happens on buses. It happens on planes. Some stupid couple that didn’t plan ahead wants the seat you carefully selected months ago so they can stave off separation anxiety for a few hours.

People are ridiculously entitled in this respect. When I went to Tanzania to climb Kilimanjaro, I specifically booked a window seat on the left side of the plane so that I could see the mountain when we flew by. But when I boarded, there was 4-year-old child in my spot.

“He wants to see the mountain,” his dad said. Yeah, like a preschooler even knows what Kilimanjaro IS.

Situations like this suck. Your options are pretty much capitulation or sitting next to someone who now hates you with the rage of a burning sun.

In the case of Kilimanjaro, I took the burning rage option. And I must say, that mountain looked pretty badass.

15 Times When Solo Travel Totally Sucks

4. Freakin’ Christmas

I’m not a big holiday person. I blame my extended family. At out last Thanksgiving dinner, the conversation drifted from “our kids shouldn’t be forced to learn Spanish” to “black people are getting all uppity with those hyphenated names.” (We’d been watching football, so I think it was Haha Clinton-Dix who set them off.)

But there’s something about solo travel around Christmas that makes me feel like I should have a family around. Even if it’s not my family.

15 Times When Solo Travel Totally Sucks

5. You’d like to sleep in a decent hotel room for once

Sleeping gets expensive when you’re on an extended solo travel trip with no one along to share the cost. In the pricier countries, I usually stay in hostel dorms. Which can feel a little ridiculous when I’m 41 and everyone else is on gap year.

I should note that my advanced age did NOT stop the hostel clerk in Istanbul from propositioning me within five minutes of checking in. Speaking of which …

15 Times When Solo Travel Totally Sucks

6. Players wanna play

I’m an American who never lies about being Canadian. But in some places, I lie my ass off about being married. It just makes life infinitely easier.

A few years ago, I flew to Istanbul, took the subway to Sultanahmet, and walked a mile with my luggage to a hostel. It was about 90 out, and by the time I got there I was looking pretty bedraggled.

The kid behind the desk asked for my credit card. Then he asked for my phone number. I just rattled it off in a trance of sleep deprivation.

He gave me a meaningful look and whispered, “Call you tonight, OK?”

Oh for the love of god.

15 Times When Solo Travel Totally Sucks
Oh, for the love.

7. You lose your cell phone

The fall that broke my arm also broke my iPhone. They say unplugging is good for your soul. But let me tell you, solo travel without Facebook, Kindle, or iTunes is pretty bleak. Especially when you’re laying in a tent stoned most of the day.

Here’s another thing you learn fast when you lose your phone on vacation: there are no phone booths left in the entire universe. None.

The only way to contact the outside world is borrow someone else’s cell phone. And this can be interesting when a) you don’t speak the same language, and b) are about to make an international call to your travel insurance provider that will cost 2€ a minute.

15 Times When Solo Travel Totally Sucks
Italy, 2015

8. The ATM steals your card

Remember the old school ATMs that sucked in your card and kept it if you didn’t grab it fast enough after a transaction? Well, they’re alive and well in grocery stores and gas stations around the world.

To get your card back, you have to go to some bank somewhere and attempt to explain the situation in a foreign language. Which is about as fun as attacking your own head with a nail gun.

And if your card gets sucked and held hostage on a Sunday? Here’s hoping you’ve got some emergency cash sewed into a pocket somewhere, or you’re gonna couch surf your way through the weekend, Captain Solo.

15 Times When Solo Travel Totally Sucks

9. The locals want selfies with the exotic foreigner

In a lot of places (China comes to mind), it’s apparently socially acceptable to run up to someone on the street, throw your arm around them, and snap a selfie. To max your badass score, always go for someone who is:

  • Redheaded
  • Blonde
  • Freckled
  • Black (bonus for hyphenated last name)
  • Tatted out
  • Obese

When choosing a stranger to photobomb, look first for a woman walking alone. They usually won’t punch you in the face, even if you deserve it. (Though I did have a pal who would grab the camera and delete the picture before handing it back while giving the person a blazing stink eye.)

15 Times When Solo Travel Totally Sucks

10. Lost in the city

Getting lost in a strange city with someone can be adventure. But getting lost by yourself is usually a nightmare.

Sometimes when I’m really, really lost during solo travel, I start thinking about how long it will take before anyone misses me. And who that person will be.

I just hope it’s not that horny toad back at the hostel who I accidentally gave my phone number to.

15 times when solo travel totally sucks

11. Everyone thinks you need company when you really want some goddamn peace and quiet

To people in collectivist societies, solo travel is about as mysterious and mind-boggling as ritual suicide. So in many parts of Asia, for example, the locals will graciously go out of their way to walk with you, talk with you, practice English with you, and invite you places.

Pro tip: wear headphones on days you don’t feel like socializing. Turn the music up loud.

15 Times When Solo Travel Totally Sucks

12. You want to take a risk

It took me about a decade to get comfortable with idea of camping solo. And I’ve still never tried backpacking alone. Part of me thinks it would be incredibly freeing and that my creative spirit would run wild. And part of me worries they’d find my bones a year later, licked clean and shiny by wild dingoes.

15 Times When Solo Travel Totally Sucks
Are there bears here?

13. Flight cancellation ball-up

You’ve been in this crappy airport for seventeen hours. Now it’s night, and you just want to lay down on a couch somewhere and sleep. But if you do that, any drug dealer in the place could come up and slip an ounce of cocaine in your backpack.

Yeah, without a wingman, you’re better off cruising over the Starbucks and buying a big coffee at a big American price.

15 Times When Solo Travel Totally Sucks
And worst of all, the WiFi's broke

14. You compare yourself

At a hostel in Java, I met a girl who’d just biked solo across China. Which would have been pretty awesome, except she couldn’t shut up about it.

“Did you bike here to Yogya?” I asked, totally joking. Because it’s on a freaking island, for one thing.

“No,” she said. “But in the Tibetan town of Dingdong, I broke a rim and had to ride 400 miles in the back of a semi full of live turkeys.”

So I spent like two days avoiding her. When we were in the dorm together, my headphones were on. At meals, I parked at the far end of the table.

Finally it hit me that as much as she made me bonkers, I was doing the exact same thing. I too tortured everyone around me with stories about all the awesome places I’d been and things I’d done.

“I think she bugs me because she’s more badass than me,” I finally admitted to my friend Estella.

“No,” Estella said. “She’s just annoying.”

15 Times When Solo Travel Totally Sucks
There's always someone shinier

15. The fox steals your pizza

While I camped in the Dolomites, a red fox kept stealing stuff from my tent. It scattered my dishes and dragged my sandals through a mud puddle.

On the night I broke my arm, I went out for dinner. I ordered a huge pizza, ate two pieces, and brought the rest back to camp in a box.

I didn’t really want my tent smelling like luscious pepperoni. So I balanced the pizza box on the top of the electrical hook up, which was about six feet tall.

In the middle of the night, there was a tremendous crash. I looked outside, and there was the fox with my pizza dangling from its mouth.

There was nothing to do but laugh my ass off. Here I was with a broken arm and a broken phone and now a fox had just stolen my breakfast. Wasn’t that too freakin’ perfect.

Sometimes the loneliest part of solo travel is when good, hilarious, and wonderous things happen. No one I know has climbed the Tridentina Ferrata or watched the sunset over Marmolada. And there’s no one alive I can call up when I’m in a nostalgic mood and say, “Hey, remember that stupid fox?”

How about you? Are there times when solo travel drives you bat shit? Comment below to share.


15 times when solo travel sucks

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  • Jen

    After recently solo traveling through New Zealand for a month, I completely identify with this list. For example, after it’s over, I rarely highlight the time I developed a fever in the 30 minutes I was grocery shopping and after taking too long to chose which box of saltines I wanted, my basket had been swept up by staff who thought it was abandoned.. I immediately crumpled to the floor and sat on top of a pallet of baked beans sobbing uncontrollably while the kind kiwi customers tried to figure out what was wrong with me through my incoherent blathering. Definitely an “I want my Mommy” moment!

    • El Jefe

      Oh, man, totally sucky! Thanks so much for sharing. Good to see you made it back alive.

  • Liz

    Love/hate this list. Your last point about not having someone to reminesce with is so tough. The worst part for me might be the constant decision making with no one to bounce ideas off. At some point I end up deciding to do nothing – not because I really need a break from doing stuff, but because my brain needs a break from decision making (and also sometimes because I need a break from feeling a bit wary all the time – when I find a really safe feeling place sometimes it’s nice to linger).

    • El Jefe

      So glad I’m not the only one! Sometimes I feel like if it only happened to me, it’s almost like it didn’t happen. Which probably explains half this blog.

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