Hiking for Beginners: How to Get Started

One of the most common questions we hear at Miss Adventure Pants is how to get started with hiking (or backpacking, rock climbing, mountaineering, etc.). Hiking for beginners can be overwhelming. People wonder things like, what do I wear? How do I find people to hike with? Will I get eaten by a bear?

The good news is that hikers are a friendly bunch. No matter where you are and what you want to learn, there’s probably someone out there who would be thrilled to introduce you to the sport they love. You just need to find them. Continue reading Hiking for Beginners: How to Get Started

How to Make Your Hiking First Aid Kit Light and Powerful

So we’ve all probably had that moment when it’s like, “Damn. I really need a better hiking first aid kit.”

Mine came when a friend fell off his mountain bike and skidded across 15 feet of dirt. “I’m OK!” he said, leaping up. And then his shin melted like the Nazi’s face in the final scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark. And this was upsetting, considering he had no hiking first aid kit, and I had two Band-Aids and some Advil.

After that wake-up call, I spent the next few years engineering the perfect hiking first aid kit that balances portability with preparedness. In this post, we’ll look at nine simple kit hacks that will help you adventure with confidence and won’t weigh you down. Continue reading How to Make Your Hiking First Aid Kit Light and Powerful

16 Skin Care Tips for Skiers, Shredders, Surfers, and Other Badasses

I’m sure we all agree that adventure sports athletes (selves included) are some of the hottest people alive, right? But it’s hard to feel sexy with a sunburned face, chapped lips, a scabby nose, and bloodshot eyes that feel like they’re full of sand.

And it’s not just a vanity thing. As skiers, shredders, surfers, and mountaineers, we spend long days in the sun. And sometimes we throw elevation, water, snow, and ice into the solar radiation mix.

We’re therefore at higher risk for premature aging. Which is kind of ironic. Because it would suck to run ultras or thru-hike for better health — only to end up looking like a three-pack-a-day smoker or develop melanoma at 32.

But as a 40-something, a mountaineer, a skier, a Coloradan, and a redhead, I can assure you this is totally not your destiny. You can totally have a badass face to go with that badass body.

Here are some skin care tips based on both experience and decades of dermatology consults. Continue reading 16 Skin Care Tips for Skiers, Shredders, Surfers, and Other Badasses

How to Play All Day in the Snow Without Freezing Your Ass Off

You’d kill to be a natural-born snow bunny who’s toned, tanned, and glowing with health all winter long. Problem is, the mere thought of snow hiking, winter camping, or all-day shredding makes you shiver. Because no matter what you do or wear, you just can’t stay warm in snow.

People tell you to dress in three layers and buy this-or-that magic gear item. But it seems like your body needs some extra help staying comfy in the cold.

If this sounds like you, please know you’re SO not alone. There’s me, for one. If I dress like everyone else in the cold, I’m so frozen in 30 minutes that I’m slurring my words and I can’t unzip my pants.

But I’m also living proof that there’s hope. I promise you that with a few adjustments to your clothing and habits, you really can stay warm in snow.

And no, I’m not going to tell you to run out and spend a ton of money on this. You can totally enjoy most winter sports without a down expedition suit and gloves suitable for Denali.

So without further ado, here are some stay-warm tips I learned from Colorado mountaineers (who regularly hike in wind chills up to -40 degrees F). Continue reading How to Play All Day in the Snow Without Freezing Your Ass Off

A Quick Start Guide to Safer Adventuring With SPOT

Here’s how I became the proud owner of a SPOT Gen3.

Earlier this summer, my friend and I got lost en route to a trailhead and ended up driving on the world’s scariest shelf road. We’re talking a cliff face on one side and a thousand-foot drop on the other. Seriously, this thing belonged in freakin’ Bolivia.

The good news was that it led to another trailhead. So rather than driving back over the shelf road in the gathering dark, we could just camp and hike there. But there was a problem.

No one knew where we were. Continue reading A Quick Start Guide to Safer Adventuring With SPOT