How to Stop Overthinking Your Travel Plans to Death

Lately I’ve realized that the life I’m living isn’t mine, and it needs to change. How do I know? I haven’t left the country in over a year. And it’s totally because I don’t know how to stop overthinking the whole travel thing.

Maybe you’ve experienced this too. You dream of visiting Paris or Micronesia or Svalbard. But you keep finding reasons to file it in the “someday” category, letting opportunities pass by. You just can’t seem to commit and pull the travel trigger.

And that’s really tragic. Because when social scientists ask dying people about their biggest regrets, they almost never say, “Dang, I shouldn’t have blown all that time and money traveling.” Instead, they almost always regret the things they didn’t do.

So let’s give your dream a fighting a chance. In today’s post, we’ll talk about how to stop overthinking travel. And we’ll challenge the four biggest thought habits that hold you back from firing up Kayak and booking those flights to Svalbard right freakin’ now. Continue reading How to Stop Overthinking Your Travel Plans to Death

Climbing the Angel of Shavano Was the Best Girls’ Trip Ever

I’ve been immersed in the high-altitude mountaineering world since January. And to be honest, it’s getting a little testosterone-y. At this point, I seriously don’t care what 8,000-meter peak you’ve climbed or $3,000 tent you own or how fast you can do The Incline. I just want to have fun without everything being a goddamn competition. So I was thrilled to find a few girlfriends who were interested in climbing the Angel of Shavano Couloir.

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9 Easy Colorado 14ers You Need to Climb This Summer

So before I get in trouble, I just want to point out that there are no truly easy Colorado 14ers.

There’s nothing easy about hiking uphill in the thin air 2.5 miles above sea level. The only 14er hike I’ve ever done where I haven’t suffered just a little was from the parking lot to the gift shop on the summit of Pikes Peak.

On the other hand, there are plenty of Colorado 14ers that are “easy” in a relative sense and can be climbed by mere mortals. Even mortals who are new to hiking, don’t have perfectly sculpted gym bodies, or just got off the plane from Florida.

If you’re willing to sweat and suffer a bit for a chance to stand on top of the Rockies, this blog post if for you. Let’s look at nine easy Colorado 14ers that anyone with basic fitness and lots of heart can climb.

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3 Easy Colorado Snow Climbs You Need to Try

Spring is here, which means it’s couloir season in Colorado. If you’re excited to put on your crampons and kick some steps, here are three easy Colorado snow climbs you need to check out: Juliet Couloir, Boudoir Couloir, and Whale’s Tail Couloir.

These classic Colorado snow climbs have a maximum slope angle of less than 45 degrees (though conditions vary a bit from year to year). They’re all great choices if you’re new to the sport, feel like easing into the season, or are introducing someone to Colorado snow climbs.  Continue reading 3 Easy Colorado Snow Climbs You Need to Try

5 Amazing Adventure Trips You Don’t Have to Be Rich to Experience

How much does it cost to climb Mount Everest? These days, about $70,000 dollars. Yeah, it’s totally annoying that the uber rich can pretty much buy their way to the top, complete with porters to carry their Gucci-brand climbing gear. But don’t be bitter, because today we’re going to talk about cheap adventure trips that all of us can afford.

You see, most super-posh adventure trips have a cheap alternative. Often it’s lurking surprisingly close — in the next mountain range or valley over. And once in a while, it’s possible to take the same itinerary for a fraction of the price.

Let’s look at some examples of cheap adventure trips. Continue reading 5 Amazing Adventure Trips You Don’t Have to Be Rich to Experience

15 Times When Solo Travel Totally Sucks

When you break a bone, there’s this incredible rush of adrenaline that goes shooting through your bloodstream. I felt it after tripping over a rock in the Dolomites and falling hard on my left wrist. As I lay there writhing on the ground shouting expletives down the valley, I thought, “This is one of those times when solo travel just sucks.”

Travel bloggers, self included, tend to romanticize solo travel. We tell people it’s the key to freedom, that their fears about it are overblown, and that they should just stop being so codependent and go for it.

But all that hype has led to some pretty unrealistic expectations — even in our own minds. Now when I’m doing the solo travel thing, I feel a certain sense of failure if I don’t love every minute of it. And I feel positively mortified when I catch myself thinking, “This would be so much more fun with a boyfriend.”

I don’t mean to discourage anyone from giving solo travel a try, because it can be awesome and totally freeing. But for the sake of sanity, give yourself permission to hate it sometimes, too. Here are 15 moments when I think hatred is entirely justified. Continue reading 15 Times When Solo Travel Totally Sucks

How to Plan a Trip When the Timing Is Bad

In a past post, we talked about how there’s no perfect time to plan a trip.

If you wait for the travel stars to align, you’ll never get off the couch. There will always be problems at work, hard times for family members, scary stuff happening in the news, and love interests who want you right here.

If you want to travel the world, you’re going to have learn to fearlessly plan a trip even when the timing sucks.

And you can totally do it.

In today’s post, I’ll show you how to be a kick ass trip planner who powers through procrastination and worry and gets that flight booked fast.

The secret? You have to create momentum and excitement that’s bigger than your doubts.

Here’s how. Continue reading How to Plan a Trip When the Timing Is Bad

3 Reasons You Should Totally Visit a Muslim Country in 2017

Pissed off about the Trump travel ban? Well let’s fight the travel ban with travel. What if all the badass indy travelers out there committed to visit a Muslim country for at least one week this year?

In addition to making a statement, this could be a lot of fun. I’ve lived in two Muslim-majority countries and traveled to eight more. And I have to say, I’m getting kind of addicted to them.

Now you might argue that our personal travels aren’t going to affect America’s terrifying foreign policy plans or help our president grow a brain cell.

And you’re right.

But here are a few reasons visiting a Muslim country this year would be good for both you and humanity. Continue reading 3 Reasons You Should Totally Visit a Muslim Country in 2017